Sunday, October 16, 2011

We're Not the First, I Hope We're Not the Last

Hey gang. I want to let everyone know that this is going to be the last Out of Step Podcast. It has been great for the last few months and thanks so much for listening and spreading the word. It is a bittersweet ending for me, but I really think it is the right thing to do. When I took the show to the podcast realm, I knew it would be more work than when we were on the radio. We were basically putting everything together on our own and this meant that everything was a bit more work. I'll save the gory details and just say that the main reason is that to do the show I want to do. That is to say, a show that is full of interviews, live bands and that is entertaining for you as a listener has just become far too time consuming for me at this point. I love the show, I love the music, and especially love the listeners, but I firmly believe that if I can't do a show that is up to my quality and content standards, I don't want to do one at all. I don't think that the quality has dropped, but I could see that it was going to sometime soon, at least from where I am sitting. Like I said, the amount of work and time commitment has just gotten to be more than I can handle. So, I want to say thanks to the bands, sponsors, and of course, the listeners for coming along for the podcast. I know I'll miss it alot, so thanks for making it worth doing for all these years.

Download this week's show HERE

It is a bit longer show this time as I wanted to squeeze in alot of my favorites. We had a good time making it, so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for all the support!

Off With Their Heads - Theme Song – Hospitals – Rock Bottom
Dillinger Four – Folks Song – Situationist Comedy – Fat
Mean Jeans – Total Creep – Are Your Serious? – Dirtnap
The Lillingtons – Lillington High – Lillington High – Clearview
The Queers – Born to Do Dishes – Don’t Back Down – Lookout!
Screeching Weasel – My Brain Hurts – My Brain Hurts – Looout!
Ex Humans – Islands – Ex Humans – Rob’s House
Carbonas – Didn’t Tell You a Lie – Carbonas – Goner
The Busy Signals – Kiss and Tell – The Busy Signals – Dirtnap
Beat Beat Beat – Don’t Tell Me Now – Living in the Future – Alien Snatch
The Bronx - Heart Attack American – The Bronx – White Drugs
Turbonegro – Selfdestructo Bust – Apocalypse Dudes - Bitzcore
The Riverboat Gamblers - The Art Of Getting Fucked Over – Backsides – Vile Beat
The Devil Dogs – Baby I’m a King – 30 Sizziling Slabs - Crypt
Ratsia – Elämän Syke - Elämän Syke – Svart
Eppu Normaali – Jee Jee – Jee Jee – Combat Rock Industry
Troublemakers – Mammas Flickor – Göteborg – Höhnie
Slime – Störtebeker - Alle Gegen Alle – Aggressive Rockproduktionen
Kakka-Hätä 77 - Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina - Huoltoasemalle Unohdettu Mies – Stupido
Idle Hands - Make It Better – Postponed – Hardware
No Hope for the Kids – Kolyma – No Hope for the Kids – Kick n Punch
Dean Dirg – Can’t Tell Me – Raus! – Six Feet Under
The Marked Men – We Wont Talk About it – Marked Men – Rip Off
MOTO – Gonna Get Drunk Tonight – Raw Power – Criminal IQ
Vee Dee – TV Police – Further – Criminal IQ
Tranzmitors – Look What You’re Doing To Me - Look What You’re Doing To Me – Deranged
The Exploding Hearts - I'm a Pretender – Guitar Romantic – Dirtnap
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – Baltimore - Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – THD
Mr. T Experience – I Just Wanna Do it With You – Love is Dead – Lookout
The Soviettes – Go Lambs Go! – Soviettes – Adeline
Cock Sparrer – We’re Coming Back – Shock Troops – Pirate Press

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Safe Word is...

This week, Jeremy. drummer for the Minneapolis band, Safewords joins us to guest DJ and talk about his current bands (and some from the bast).

Download this week's show HERE

Wives - Babies - Erect The Youth Problem
Teenage Bottlerocket - A Bomb - Total
Gaunt - Breakin Down - Yeah, Me Too
XBXRX - Gold Cross - Sixth in Sixes
Dead Meat - By Myself - Early Recordings
Mount Shasta - Double Barrol Cactus
Saccharine Trust - I Am Right
Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Part 2
Wire - Sand in My Joints
New Labor - Space Race
OFF! - Black Thoughts
Thee Oh Sees - Ghost in the Trees
Race Bannon – II - Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In
Toys that Kill - Illegitimate
Wrangle Brutes – 45 - Zulu
Enemy Mine – TRCR – Enemy Mine
Minute Men – Little Man with Gun - Post-Mersh, Vol. 2
Monorchid – ??? - Let them Eat
Skull Kontrol - New Rock Critic - Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture
Ganglion - Thinning the Herd – Of the Deep
Ass – No Escape- Ass
Die Electric - Man Outside - Mpls
Dynamiters - Oh No – Push Pull
Safewords - Hiroshima Lovers – Unreleased
Regulations – Go Nowhere – Electric Guitar

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Time?

Yes, for once it is on time. Again, my apologies for the lateness as of... late. New Australian stuff! French Oi! Requests! Italian stereotypes!

Download this week's showHERE

Los Reactors - Dead In The Suburbs - Dead In The Suburbs – Rip Off
Royal Headache – Never Again – Royal Headache – R.I.P. Society
Straight Arrows – Bad Temper – It’s Happening – Juvenile/Rice is Nice
Digger & the Pussycats – Dirtbag – DIY – P. Trash
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Nobody Else – Nobody Else – R.I.P. Society
Inservibles - Una Vez Mas – Inservibles – Shogun
Overnight Lows - Static Scars - City Of Rotten Eyes - Bachelor Records
Peligro Social – Amor Termino – No Religion – Tank Crimes
Cannomen - Black Hole - Black Hole – Flat Black
Molested Youth - It only makes you worse – Same EP – Deranged
The Vindictives - The Time of My Life – The Many Moods of… - Liberation Records
Thee Headcoatees – Boysville – Girlsville – Rough Trade
Black Lips - Oh Katrina – Live at Rob’s House – Rob’s House
Komintern Sect - Unis par le vin - Les Seigneurs De La Guerre - Chaos
Reich Orgasm - Futur Pour Tous – Reich Orgasm - Chaos
Al Kapott - L'ours – L’ours – Self-Released
Trots Kids - Je Sens Mauvais - La Complète... – Combat Rock Industires
Today’s Overdose – Reignition – Today’s Overdose – Profane Existence/CMF/Wasted Sounds

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short, Fast and Loud (and Late)

A shorter show this week, but no less awesome. Start it off with an all-local garage set and it goes from there. Obscure Yugoslavian punk? Check! A band named after a legendary Russian war-bear? Check! Strap in and check it out!

Download this week's showHERE

Pekinska Patka - Ruzan Pametan I Mlad
Voytek - Saturday Night Again
Teenage Moods - Yellow War
Teenage Strangler - Unstable World
Bombay Sweets - I Take You Alone
Social Circkle - Security Force
Male Nurses - Red White Blue
TV Evangelists - Farewell Falwell
Regulations - In the Shadow of the Mall
Personal and the Pizzas - I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza
Captain 9's & the Knickerbocker Trio - I Think I Wanna Be
The Rip Offs - Cops
Naked Raygun - Burning Red
M.O.T.O. - Kissing All the Wrong Asses
That's Incredible - It's All Good
Pinhead Gunpowder - West Side Highway
Trigger-Happy Cowboys - Chrome & Honour
Sheena and The Rokkets - "涙のハイウェイ
Kakka-Hätä 77 - Samaa Paskaa Aina Vaan
Sceptres - Snake

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cries for Attention

This week, after starting the show with a questionable track it can only get better right (Sorry Nate, even after listening back, I still am not feeling it)? All that plus you get will learn about the REAL reason Adam does Out of Step!

Download this week's show HERE

Invasionen – Korrumperat – Hela Världen Brinner – Ny Våg
Bad Sports - Get My Head - Kings Of The Weekend – Dirtnap
Hex Dispensers - Personality X-Ray - Sister Series, Vol. 3 – Razorcake
Forgetters - Vampire Lessons – Forgetters – TSTF
Fleshies - Gay Holiday - Scrape The Walls – Alternative Tentacles
Brain Tumors – Unpaid – Brain Tumors – Fashionable Idiots/Pass Judgment
Much Worse – Tarred Lungs – Absolute Nightmare – No Way
Double Negative – Endless Disappointment – Daydreamnation – Sorry State
Deaf Mutations – Crash the Clubs – Crash the Clubs – Static Shock
Complete Control - Locked In – Reaction – TKO
Wasted - Down and Out - It Wont Go Away - Scene Control
Trouble - Youth Is Wasted By The Young – Nobody Laughs Anymore – GMM
Modern Action – Molotov Solution - Molotov Solution - Modern Action
Red Dons – A Forced Turning Point – A Forced Turning Point – Taken by Surprise
Insomnio – The Spark – Happy Loneliness – No Way
Sedatives – Human Beings – Human Beings – Taken by Surprise
Bloody Gears – End of the Line – End of the Line – Deranged
Los Explosivos – Se Apago - Los Explosivos – Slovenly
Perfect Fits – Songs About Girls – Songs About Girls – Douchemaster
FM Knives – 16 D.O.A. - Useless & Modern - Broken Rekids
Hard Skin - Me And The Boys - Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts – Helen of Oi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Sorry for the delay folks, I got swamped by broken cars and all sorts of other stuff. By the time I realized I had forgotten to upload the show, it was Sunday evening. I will make up for it with extra great music.  Who am I kidding, it's always great music. Enjoy!

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Artist - Song - Album - Label

Raxola – 84 Man – Raxola - Phillips
Tenement – Simple Things (Can Seem So Involved) – Napalm Dream – Mandible
The Measure [sa] – Drunk by Noon – Songs About People… and Fruit ‘n’ Shit – Don Giovanni
New Bruises – The New Black – The Measure [sa] split – Kiss of Death
The Gateway District – Run Away – Perfect’s Gonna Fail – It’s Alive
In Defence - Democracy Hi-Five - Party Lines and Politics - Profane Existence
ArnoCorps - Total Recall - The Greatest Band Of All Time - Anticulture
No Talk Levi Leather Uniform - Leather Discipline - Cut Throat Records
Brutal Knights - Electronics - Total Rebellion - Taken By Surprise
The Ladies Dismemberabilia Six More Reasons To Hate... 7" Label: Grave Mistake
Sonic Avenues – Fading Love – The Steve Adamyk Band split – P. Trash/Timme Heie Humme
The Steve Adamyk Band – Bored of Love – Sonic Avenues split - P. Trash/Timme Heie Humme
Mothers Children – Squeeze – That’s Who! – Deranged
Marvelous Darlings – I’ll Stand by Her – I’ll Stand by Her – Plastic Idol
Government Warning – Executed – Executed - No Way Records
Fix My Head - Fix My Head - Empty Slogans - No Options
Civil Victim - Puppet Existence - No False Hope - Loud Punk
Desperat – Mobilterror - Demokrati eller Diktatur ?-   De Nihil Records
Modern Pets – Lovesick – Vista Alienation – Modern Action
The Heartattacks – Stay/Go – Stay/Go – Plastic Idol
Pressgang – Self-Destruction - Sexsatan EP - Hardware
The Toyotas – I Can’t Dance – We Can’t Dance – P. Trash
Big Fuckin Skull  - I Found A Skull (And It Aint My Skull) - Six Skulls Against The World – Self Released

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guestless but Not Gutless

After recovering from the Dwarves last week, Adam and Nate bring you another great hour (well, 53 minutes, actually) of punk rock from around the block (in Minneapolis) and around the world!  A
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No Hope for the Kids – Secret Police – Das Reich – Backwards Masking
Crisis of Conformity – Fist Fight! – Fist Fight! – Drag City
The Ergs! – Throttle Boy – Thrash Compactor – Firestarter
Psyched to Die – Sterile Walls – Sterile Walls – Grave Mistake/Firestarter
Deep Sleep – Textbook Timebomb – Manic Euphoria – Grave Mistake
Bill Bondsmen – Disaster Prone – Disaster Prone – Local Cross
Those Unknown – For All Commons – Those Unknown – TKO
Beltones – Cheap Trinkets – Cheap Trinkets – TKO
GC5 – Between Aspirations – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – Thick
Eightysixed - To Those Before And After.... – Get Kicked Out - Charged
Lost Boys – Cocktail Morozov – Gueules Pérmées – Rock Bottom
Cola Freaks – Uppers & Downers – Cola Freaks – Hjernespind
Daylight Robbery – Blue Cage – Through the Confusion – Residue
Atom Notes – Startline – Atom Notes – Combat Rock Industry
The Gammits MW – Commoditfied - Teetering On The Edge Of Destruction
The Cadavers -  Population Destroyed - "Nevermind the Bodies, Here's the Cadavers " - NoMa Beach
The Shitty Limits - We Had A Gang – Espionage - Dire Records
Frozen Teens – New Year – Street Legal split – Shut Up
Chinese Telephones – All Right – Dear Landlord split – It’s Alive
This Is My Fist – All That is Wrong – Marked Men split – No Idea
Something Fierce – Aliens Two – Don’t Be So Cruel – Dirtnap
Fy Fan – Snik Snack - Ah Nej - Adult Crash